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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

An oil stone driveway is an alternative to asphalt and it offers a more solid surface than plain gravel. It has a rough texture, which makes for a much better footing when wet or snow-covered compared to concrete which can be very slippery. Applying two coats of oil and stone on new driveway surfaces are what is normally suggested.

The driveway base is prepared, and a coat of oil is applied.  A layer of gravel is then distributed over the treated surface and is then compacted with a roller. This process is done usually two times, to provide two coats of oil & stone.  Once the oil has cooled, it will harden and provide a stable surface for the gravel.  The end result will look like a gravel driveway.

Stone comes in a variety of sizes and colors and provides an excellent alternative to asphalt. The surface for an oil and stone driveway may require periodic maintenance as the stone become loose.

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