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First Steps to build your driveway.

Step 1 :

Remove the old Asphalt

This is the first step to build a new driveway. Depending on how old your driveway is.We can use an excavator machine to destroy the old asphalt and recycled it or in some cases, a customer may resurface the driveway only.

Step 2 :


The excavation process requires that we clean all loose material, debris from the surface, remove excess stones, rocks, grass or unsuitable base material.

Step 3:

Base Installation

This step requires the needed fill material, grading and compacting. Then, there will be a good firm base to add asphalt later. Once everything is ready, we will use a roller to compact the material.

If you like to get a custom quote, please don't hesitate to Call G and L Paving .

We will help you decide what options fit your project best.

Excavation process.
Excavation, machinery, surface, driveway

material,base,base, grading, surface, driveway
material, base, grading, surface, driveway

driveway, grading, material, base
driveway, grading, material, base

Finished, driveway, paved, asphalt, good base.
Finished, driveway, paved, asphalt, good base.
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