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Asphalt Repair : Patches.

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Causes :

Not having a good base.

One of the reasons is not having a good base when your driveway was installed. The base couldn't support the asphalt, causing it to sink in some areas.


Why Do potholes appear on your driveway?

Potholes appear on your driveway because of water that piles up in the cracks especially in the wintertime.

The water gets in through the cracks and goes deeper in the asphalt and freezes. This frozen water applies pressure on the asphalt and causes it to expand, making the hole. If the hole is not fixed, it will continue to get bigger. That's the moment when people requires asphalt repair called patch.

Driveway Patch

A patch is installed in a small area of a driveway that needs to be repaired. In the affected area, a hole was formed or it is uneven of the existing driveway.

Steps to make a Patch :

1. Mark the patch area.

2. Dump a certain amount of asphalt onto the hole to fill the sunken area.

3. Compact the asphalt to level up.

4. After compacting, dump more asphalt, and grade it using an asphalt lute rake until to get the area full of the material.

5. Compact the area again with a small compactor.

6. Water the patch.

patch, area, sunken
patch, area, sunken




Patch done.
Patch done.

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