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Project Greenwich, CT.

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Project 201909-010

Project 010- Greenwich, CT

Driveway: 2.814 SQFT

Curbing (sides of the driveway): 185 linear ft of Belgium Blocks and 64 ft of 45 grades Belgium Blocks.

Entrance: Aprons

Project duration: 5 days.


Old property with a damaged driveway. The builder demolished the property and built a new house therefore, a new driveway with a luxurious design was needed.

Our Solution:

We regraded the existing base of the driveway and compacted it. Then we installed the Belgium blocks on both sides of the driveway and per homeowners request placed the blocks flat at a certain point (you can see the contrast in the pictures) and finally paving the entire driveway.

Base grading

Flat Belgium Blocks installed in a section of the both sides of the driveway.
Flat Belgium Blocks

Aprons at the entrance of the house

Belgium blocks installed in two ways : linear and flat
Belgium Blocks

Driveway finished.

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