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Driveway Resurfacing - G&L Paving's Tips

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Driveway resurfacing is the process where apply anywhere from 1.5’’ to 2’’ inches of new asphalt layer over existing asphalt. Resurfacing your driveway is a procedure that needs to be verified for our experts before you can make the decision to proceed with this project because sometimes driveways may not be in the most suitable condition to do this. Some issues that may prevent you from proceeding are big holes, big cracks, or other irregularities. Please be sure to let your paver know if you have curbing or belgium blocks because the height level of your new driveway will change. There are many instances when the level is too high and you would need to rip out the old surface to maintain a proper distance between the asphalt and aprons, walkways, paths, & garage floor. These and many other obstacles would be best suited for a professional paving company such as G&L Paving.

Areas in driveways such as aprons, sidewalks, or garage floors should also be considered for resurfacing so you can have a consistent look

Driveway Resurfacing
Driveway Resurfacing

When is a good moment to do resurfacing?

  • If cracks are more than a quarter-inch wide…

  • If cracks are superficial, shallow, or thin…

  • If you have sloping areas or bumps…

  • If you have potholes that are 1 to 2 inches or deeper…


  • The driveway will look like new.

  • If you are selling the property it will help with the value.

  • This will rejuvenate your drive and Increase it’s lifespan.

  • This will help avoid vehicle damage caused by potholes.

For more resurfacing advice or estimates please don’t hesitate to contact G&L Paving and Masonry. With over 25 years of combined expertise and know how, we will be glad to assist you in all your driveway needs. We cater to all of Fairfield County, CT and beyond.

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