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Concrete Drains

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Commercial Concrete Drains

Concrete drains are used to eliminate quantities of water in areas of parking lots or commercial properties. This prevents water from going to the street and causing floods.

Concrete drains sizes are used depending on the spot dimensions where they will be located.

Our picture shows a 4’ x 10’ concrete drain for a parking lot.

Installation process for a parking Lot
Concrete Drain

How do commercial concrete drains work?

Dig a hole depending on the concrete drain size.

• Before installing the concrete drain, we fill gravel in the hole and later on the sides.

• Install an overflow pipe to direct water just in case the box gets full. The water will be absorbed through the ground.

• Cover the concrete gallery with more gravel to carry out the paving process later.

The pipe connecting two concrete drains

Concrete drain covered

Residential Drains

Residential drains are used when driveways have flat areas. They are your best solution to control water flow. Residential drains tend to be smaller.

When we pave a driveway, we make sure the water goes to the drain making this area lower than the rest of the driveway area.

When a small drain is installed, we connect a pipe (about 10 ft) into the box to get the water flowing away from the house.

Residential drains sizes:

6’’ x 48’’

12’’ x 12’’

18’’ x 18’’

In commercial and residential drains, concrete boxes are placed under the cover.

Contact us for more information. If you would like one of our installation professionals to give you precise details base on your situation, call us today for a free estimate.

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